False alarms at Jennens Court are a cause for concern

Residents at the student accommodation Jennens Court have been complaining about the number of false alarms that occur in the building on a regular basis.


Sabrina Courts, the assistant manager at Jennens Court said “We have had 3 false alarms since the beginning of the academic year and no actual fires.” She added, “We only test the fire alarms every Friday and the residents have been notified of this testing.”


On the other hand, Lesley Imgart a resident said “the fire alarm goes of at least 3-5 times a week and I have heard it on days other than Friday. It is never clear if it’s an actual alarm and if we need to take action.” She also said that she has only evacuated twice since the beginning of September and that was only because she saw other people evacuating.


Sabrina also said, “When we tried to carry out a drill the other day students were still coming down after half an hour.” This matches up to another residents view. Naomi Alexandra said, “We wouldn’t know if the alarm was real or not because it goes off so often. Most of the time we ignore it and it eventually stops.”

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